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Credit Repair is a recession-proof, very profitable business that you can work from home. Never a shortage of clients.

Credit Money Machine, The Software that Professionals use™

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About us

What Is Credit Money Machine Web Software?

Credit Money Machine Web is the only One-Click “Done-For-You,” Credit Repair Software that not only extracts all derogatories automatically but, at the same time, assigns the letters and the dispute reasons. Unbelievable! This benefit, and countless more, can’t be emphasized enough.

The fact that you don’t have to select the Dispute Letters to use, the Dispute Reasons, and the Dispute Types, saves you up to 90% of your valuable time and avoids errors and mental fatigue when selecting letters and dispute reasons.

But the list of benefits doesn’t end there. Your Credit Money Machine Web software features a THREE-line per dispute (one per each bureau.) This approach allows you to detect, very quickly, discrepancies between Creditor’s Names, Account’s IDs, Open Dates, Balances, etc. that you can take into your client’s advantage when disputing the accuracy of disputes between Credit Bureaus.

Additionally, thanks to this three-line approach, you can maintain forever the history of communication with Creditors and Credit Bureaus, which is impossible with programs that have one line and then checkboxes for each Credit Bureaus. This Credit Repair Software is designed for speed and power, to save you time and to empower you with the tools that will make your work easier, faster, and accurate.!

We are known as the SERVICE COMPANY because serving you is our main priority. We always answer your phone calls and support tickets making your on-boarding process a breeze.



Because Dispute Letters Aren’t “One Size Fits All” Every letter created by our credit repair software is different and doesn’t match what the bureaus are receiving from other credit repair businesses: this prevents you from losing a dispute before you even mail your letter.

How do you handle your Freeze Letters? We all know that it is very traumatic to print Freeze Letters. In Credit Money Machine Web, you click one button to create all your Freeze Letters. We have preset already eight bureaus for that but you can add many more bureaus, and still, it would be just one click.

Credit Money Machine Web is the most automated credit repair software in the industry.


Credit Money Machine Web is in-the-cloud, so you can access it from any device and from anywhere in the world.
We don’t do credit repair services like others. We only sell software, we don’t compete with our clients.

Your Security and Your Clients are Our Highest Priority

Your program database is not shared with other of our clients. This feature ensures that another of our clients cannot access your clients, which may happen with other systems.

Also, our portals are hosted inside your website (if you get one with us) for security reasons, and they don’t contain any sensitive data, so your company is protected against Our Highest Priority theft of your clients’ information.

Best Solution

Already Using Another Credit Repair Software?

Many credit repair businesses “try out” a few software before deciding which one they will select to grow their business.

Since launching, hundreds of businesses like yours have switched to our credit repair software for its simplicity and power. You won’t experience any downtime by switching over: it takes moments to easily import your clients into your new account from any CSV file.

You’ll be back to running your business within minutes. Plus, we have special pricing for those of you that come from other software.

Please ask for your Special Competitors Upgrade Price.

NOT Just a Credit Repair Software: Also a Credit Repair Business CRM Program. These tools included in your account at no extra cost!

SMS Message System

Send personalized text messages to one or many clients with one click. We are compatible with Twilio. Pay only $0.075 per message.

Instant Messaging

Easily communicate with your team by using our integrated instant messenger. You can communicate with one agent or with all the agents at once if you like.

Credit Audits

Print and email unlimited Credit Audits for your clients with one click.

Email System

Send and Receive. emails from within your program. No need for any external email application but you can still use and external email client if you want to.


Send secure, professional invoices to your clients with just a few clicks. Use item-style or service-style your choice. A unique feature let’s you calculate totals for a service invoice.

Marketing Campagins

Set up automated email marketing campaigns within minutes thanks to our integrated Marketing-Campaign System


Import a credit report with a single click. OuQuickly import all negative items from a credit report with one click. Credit reports from the following providers import with just one click: 123IDscore, Identity IQ, Identity Club, Privacy Guard, SmartCredit, and MyFreeScoreNow. Easily accept payments using digital checks that cost $1 each: no need for a CC merchant account.

Client and Affiliate Portals

Send secure, professional invoices to your clients with just a few clicks. Use item-style or service-style your choice.

A unique feature let’s you calculate totals for a service invoice. We have a real invoice system in our credit repair software not just a field to enter a description and amount like other providers.

Accept Payments

Easily accept payments using digital checks that cost $1 each: no need for a CC merchant account. If you prefer credit cards, we interact with and, so you can charge credit cards and also with PayPal as well, create recurrent payment plans, and more.


"Done For You" Disputing

Import a credit report with a single click. Our credit repair software will write a unique dispute letter for you, including the dispute reason, based on the dispute type, all automatically. We do in seconds with others do in hours.

Task Manager

Schedule all your tasks, meetings, calls, payments charges, and more with our integrated Super-Calendar and Task Manager System. This Task Manager is a full-fledged system, not like in other software.

Free Social Media Marketplace

We even provide you with many ads, banner formats, and social media formats, so you don’t need to waste time and money but be ready to sell your Credit.

Interaction With Social Media

Interact with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Skype. Send Facebook Messages and more.

Business Lead Finder

Our program features a Business Lead Finder where you can find unlimited affiliate leads from any industry like Mortgage Brokers, Realtors, Insurance Agents, Bankruptcy Attorney, Auto Dealers, etc. In your area or across the country. An easy way to expand your business overnight.

Free Mobile App For You And Your Clients

We will give you our mobile app for FREE to give away to your clients so they can access their portals, your website, and as many sites as they want with ease.


Starting A Credit Repair Business Has Never Been So Easy… and Inexpensive.

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$199.97 / Month for 3 Users

Limited time offer price $179.97 / Month for 3 Users
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If you are using any other CRM Credit Repair Software call us for our Special Competitive Upgrade Offer.

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LMR International, Inc., is a corporation dedicated to the development of software for the last 30+ years and counting. Not only our dedication is complete but our approach to solving problems is unique in the industry. You can expect the highest quality of software and service from our company.

What happens when you upgrade to Credit Money Machine Web from another software

First, it would be a very easy process since we can import your contacts in seconds to your new program. Most importantly, you will experiment a new speed, your business will be automated, your work time will be reduced, you’ll get more features, so more bang for your buck, and you will relax when you use Credit Money Machine Web since it’s the easiest Credit Repair Software that you’d ever used

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Everything is included, Unlimited Clients, Unlimited Leads, Unlimited Affiliates, and Unlimited Portals

Only $199.97/month

Limited time offer $179.97 / Month 3 users

30 Day Trial

(Cancel Anytime)

100% Privacy. We Will Never Spam You!

Questions: Call us at (954) 568-7153

Three reasons why Professionals prefer Credit Money Machine Web

Automatic Extraction Of Disputes

Credit Money Machine Web can extract negative credit report items and only negative credit report items (optionally all items) with one-click from several credit report providers (123IDScore, Identity IQ, Identity Club, Privacy Guard, SmartCredit, MyScoreID, IDCloud, and MyFreeScoreNow).

But no only that, Credit Money Machine Web will also automatically write the dispute letters, choose the dispute reasons, and the dispute types all at the same time in seconds. Essential 30 times faster or more than with any other system.

The Features You Want, Need And Love

Credit Money Machine Web has many features usually not found in any other credit repair program like an integrated email system to send and receive, integrated Auto-Responders, one-click dialing to contacts, social media interaction, integrated invoice system, personalized multiple SMS system, the ability to send personalized templates by email to a group of clients or leads, the ability to charge your clients with Digital Checks, integrated with ChargeBee and Pabbly to use credit cards to charge your client, task manager, Business Lead Finder and more.

Inexpensive & Easy To Use

Credit Money Machine Web is ultra-easy to use and it is designed for every credit repair business ranging from the newest entrepreneur to the seasoned veteran. Credit Money Machine Web is in-the-cloud so you access it from any device and from anywhere in the world. We offer you all the tools you need at one low price: $199.97/month for three users. Without any effort you can do a professional job for your clients and with its marketing capabilities you can use your extra time to get more clients with ease.

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See what some of our customers have to say about us: 

We highly recommend Credit Money Machine for any company seeking to have an edge in the Credit Restoration Business. Our trade association gives this software an A+ and believes that serious operators should not be without this solution.

Richard Moloff

President, Credit Consultant Association

Before using Credit Money Machine, I needed to use at least four applications to do the work I do now. Credit Money Machine is everything they say and more.. fast, flexible and powerful. I recommended it for any credit repair business.

Stephanie Hoffman

Credit Consultant USA

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How to Process Your Clients in 10 Seconds with Credit Money Machine Web

When we say processing we mean much more than just extracting the derogatory items, for us, it means assigning the Dispute Types, the Current Round, the Credit Bureau, the Opened Date, the Dispute Reason, and the Dispute Letter. In other words, everything would be ready to click print or print to LetterStream with one click.

How to Send a Marketing Letter to a Group of Contacts

This important feature is ultra-easy to do with Credit Money Machine Web. Did you know that our program has an integrated email system to send and receive emails?

Find free Affiliate Leads with our integrated Business Lead Finder

With our Credit Repair Software, you can find for free unlimited Affiliate Leads in any Category with our Business Lead Finder.

How to Post unlimited Portals with one click

With Credit Money Machine Web, you can select a group of clients and post their Client Portals with one click.

How to Personalize a Letter Based on the Credit Bureau

Sometimes you need to change the content of the letters based on the Credit Bureau. With this technique the letter will change automatically.

How to use the Credit Money Machine Mobile

When you are on the road, sometimes you need to work, in those moments you will appreciate that Credit Money Machine has a Mobile app that works in sync with your desktop program so it is easy to work whatever you are.

How to Manage the Privileges of your Agents

Our credit repair software gives you total control of what you employees can do. What the video to learn how.

Create Unlimited Freeze Letters with One Click

Sending Freeze Letters to minor Bureaus is an effective technique with disputing derogatory items.. With our Credit Repair Software you can create 8 Freeze Letters or more with one click. This process is very tedious in other software. See how it is done in this short video

How to Save and Display

your Letters

Our credit repair software can save your letters to have them handy at a later time, but it does it in a very special way. First of all, it saves all the letters for the 3 Bureaus automatically, including the documents that you may be including (SS, Drivers License, etc.) Additionally, at a later time, you can retrieve the whole batch of letters and select the derogatory items that belong to them, with one click.

How to Make Pay-Per-Deletion Invoices

Creating Pay-Per-Deletion invoices is a breeze in our Credit Repair Software. Two clicks are all you need to create a full Pay-Per-Deletion Invoice with all the lines and containing the Type, Creditor, Account, and individual Amounts. This is something very tedious or impossible in other credit repair software but it is accomplished easily in Credit Money Machine Web

Credit Repair Software Main Screen

Everything is included, Unlimited Clients, Unlimited Leads, Unlimited Affiliates, and Unlimited Portals

Only $199.97/month

Limited time offer $179.97 / Month 3 users

30 Day Trial

(Cancel Anytime)

100% Privacy. We Will Never Spam You!

Questions: Call us at (954) 568-7153