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Video Tutorials

Below are tutorial videos on how to use the Credit Money Machine Software. Discover how easy, fast, and convenient to use this credit repair software and why it is the top choice for many credit repair professionals and businesses.

How to Use Credit Money Machine Software for Your Credit Repair Business if You use Agents?

If you run a credit repair business that relies on agents, you can benefit from using the Credit Money Machine  Web (CMMW). With this software, you can manage your agents’ access to the credit reports and ensure they work within compliance regulations. You can track their progress and assign specific tasks for each agent, ensuring they provide quality services to your clients. This way, you can evaluate your business’s efficiency and identify areas that need improvement. Using CMMW can simplify your credit repair business management and enhance your agents’ productivity.

How to Process Your Clients in 10 Seconds with Credit Money Machine Web?

When we say processing we mean much more than just extracting the derogatory items, for us, it means assigning the Dispute Types, the Current Round, the Credit Bureau, the Opened Date, the Dispute Reason, and the Dispute Letter. In other words, everything would be ready to click print or print to LetterStream with one click. This feature allows credit repair professionals up to 90% of their work time.

How to Use the Credit Money Machine Software Mobile?

With Credit Money Machine’s mobile app, you can easily work on the go, without having to sacrifice productivity. The mobile app is synced with your desktop program, allowing you to seamlessly transition between devices and work wherever you are. This feature is especially useful for professionals who are frequently on the road and need to access their credit repair business tools from their mobile devices. Whether you’re meeting with clients or traveling between appointments, the CMMW mobile app provides a flexible solution that keeps you connected and productive.

How to Add a Contact?

Maintaining accurate contact records is essential for effectively managing a credit repair business. With up-to-date contact information for your clients, you can quickly reach out to them when necessary, keeping them informed and engaged in the credit repair process. Additionally, maintaining contact records can help you keep track of your clients’ progress and ensure that they receive timely updates and support throughout their credit repair journey. With Credit Money Machine Web’s contact management features, you can easily add and update contact records, making it easy to stay on top of client communications and provide exceptional service.

How to View a Full Credit Report in Credit Money Machine Web?

You can quickly obtain comprehensive credit reports for their clients with just one click using Credit Money Machine. This feature provides a complete credit report for the past two years, making it easy to identify potential errors and delinquencies that can be used for disputes. With a full credit report, you can quickly assess your client’s credit history and identify areas that need improvement. This feature can help you provide more accurate and effective credit repair services to your clients, ultimately leading to better results and greater customer satisfaction. By simplifying the credit report retrieval process, our credit repair software can save you time. Helping you provide faster and more efficient service to your clients.

How to Use Credit Money Machine Software to Create and Print Creditors Letters with Ease?

Credit repair professionals can streamline the process of creating and printing letters with our software. With a selection of letter templates available, you can quickly and easily generate letters to creditors, saving time and improving efficiency. Additionally, the software can detect when there is no address available and prompt you to fill in the missing information before printing. This ensures that your letters are accurate and professional, improving the chances of a positive outcome for your clients. The letter creation and printing feature in CMMW simplifies the credit repair process, enabling you to focus on delivering exceptional service to your clients.

How to Attach Documents to Your Letters?

With Credit Money Machine Web, you can easily import PDFs or pictures from your computer and select specific documents to print. This feature is a significant advantage over other credit repair software that lacks this option, as it allows you to avoid printing unnecessary documents and wasting paper. The system supports up to six imported documents for various purposes, making it easy to keep track of client information and correspondence. By allowing you to selectively print specific documents, the software helps you save time, money, and resources. Ultimately improving your efficiency and profitability as a credit repair professional.

How to Change the Default for Templates and Reasons?

Templates are available for quick and easy generation of letters. You can change the default templates and reasons anytime to fit your needs. With the flexibility to change default templates and reasons, you can tailor your letters to each client’s unique circumstances, providing a more personalized service. This feature also enables you to stay up-to-date with any changes in regulations or industry standards. Ensuring that your letters remain relevant and effective. By simplifying the process of letter generation and customization, the software can help you save time and deliver better results for your clients.

How to Add Disputes Manually in Credit Money Machine Web?

Easily initiate a dispute using Credit Money Machine software. To start, simply click on the “Add Dispute” button and select the type of dispute that you wish to initiate. The system will automatically set the dispute reason and template, but you can choose to customize them from the dropdown list if necessary. Next, add the account number, amount, and creditor to provide additional context and details for the dispute. Finally, select the credit bureau(s) you wish to send the dispute to – Equifax, Experian, and/or Trans Union. This step-by-step process enables you to initiate disputes with ease. Allowing you to provide a more efficient and effective credit repair service to your clients. 

How to know if your Clients have sent you all the documents?

In Credit Money Machine, you can request or control which documents you want to receive from a client. A client can send the documents through a client portal, on your website, or manually import them into the system. If they are not received, they will be marked red. The documents are marked green when received.

How to tell your clients about missing documents automatically?

It’s a common problem when you want to ask clients about missing documents. CMMW can automate this process for you. The software provides a feature that can automatically notify clients about any missing documents or information needed to complete the credit repair process. This feature can save you time and effort, as you no longer have to manually reach out to clients and follow up on missing items. Instead, the system will send a notification on your behalf, ensuring that your clients are always informed and up-to-date on the status of their credit repair. 

How to deal with TransUnion and the Letters Deemed Suspicious?

If you’re looking for a way to be proactive with TransUnion letters, we have a very interesting feature that can help. To see these features in action, check out the video tutorial on our website. With Credit Money Machine Web, you can feel confident that your TransUnion communications are being handled effectively and efficiently, ultimately leading to better results and greater customer satisfaction.

How to View the Private Notes in the Dispute Center?

Private notes contain important data from a client’s credit report. Unlike other programs which require opening the contact information to see the private notes, this program lets you easily view it by just hovering the mouse on a contact name.

How to Trigger and Stop Marketing Campaign using Status 2?

Did you know that Credit Money Machine can also be used for marketing campaigns? With the program’s Status 2 feature, you can easily trigger or stop a marketing campaign based on the status of a particular client. To see how this feature works, be sure to check out our video tutorial in the right side. With Status 2, you can take your credit repair business to the next level by incorporating targeted marketing campaigns that drive results.

How to Add a Note to Affiliates in the Portal?

Easily add notes for your affiliates through CMMW’s affiliate and client portal. This is a great way to communicate important information or updates about a particular affilaite or client, such as changes to their credit status or the resolution of a dispute. This feature is particularly useful for credit repair businesses that work with multiple affiliates or agents, as it allows for streamlined communication and collaboration. To learn more about how to use this feature, check out this video tutorial. With our software, managing affiliates and communicating important information has never been easier.

How to Calculate the Pay Per Deletion Charges?

Are you struggling to calculate Pay per Deletion charges for your credit repair business? The Credit Money Machine software can help make this process simple and accurate. In just a few steps, you can easily calculate and generate invoices to send to clients. The software will automatically calculate the total amount owed, and generate an invoice that you can send to the client. This feature is especially useful for credit repair businesses looking to streamline their billing and invoicing processes. Watch this tutorial video to see the feature in action.

Let your Credit Repair Clients do the Work for You?

This is a very interesting feature you can take advantage of using this powerful credit repair software. Save time  and ,maximize your efficiency in running your credit repair business by allowing your clients to do the work for you. Learn how to enable this feature using the Credit Money Machine Software in this informative video tutorial.

Planning to start a credit repair business?

(Read here to learn how to start a credit repair business)

Check out our all-in-one credit repair software for businesses. It is the only credit repair software with CRM integrated, Sales program, Marketing program, and Credit Repair program with all areas working together to catapult the credit repair business to new heights. Moreover, it is the only one that assigns the Dispute Types, Dispute Reasons and Dispute Letter automatically.