Video Tutorials

Below are tutorial videos on how to use the Credit Money Machine Software. Discover how easy, fast, and convenient to use this credit repair software and why it is the top choice for many credit repair professionals and businesses.

How to Use Credit Money Machine Software for Your Credit Repair Business if You use Agents?

Credit money machine software makes agents work faster and improve their performance. See it in action.

How to Process Your Clients in 10 Seconds with Credit Money Machine Web?

When we say processing we mean much more than just extracting the derogatory items, for us, it means assigning the Dispute Types, the Current Round, the Credit Bureau, the Opened Date, the Dispute Reason, and the Dispute Letter. In other words, everything would be ready to click print or print to LetterStream with one click.

How to Use the Credit Money Machine Software Mobile?

When you are on the road, sometimes you need to work, in those moments you will appreciate that Credit Money Machine has a Mobile app that works in sync with your desktop program so it is easy to work whatever you are.

How to Add a Contact?

Adding and keeping contact records is important in running a credit repair business.

How to View a Full Credit Report in Credit Money Machine Web?

When getting a full credit report for a client, you only need to click one button to see a complete report of your client’s credit for the past 2 years. This enables you to easily detect errors and delinquencies that you can use for disputes.

How to Use Credit Money Machine Software to Create and Print Creditors Letters with Ease?

Creating and printing letters is made easy with this credit repair software. The system has letter templates you can choose from that can automatically generate letters to creditors. Moreover, the software can detect and show when there is no address so you can fill it up before printing.

How to Attach Documents to Your Letters?

The Credit Money Machine software enables you to easily import pdf or pictures from your computer. Then mark the specific document you want to print. This is an advantage when using this software as other credit repair software doesn’t have this option. This means they print everything which can be unnecessary and a waste of paper. The system has up to 6 documents that you can import for any purposes.

How to Change the Default for Templates and Reasons?

Templates are available for quick and easy generation of letters. You can change the default templates and reasons anytime to fit your needs.

How to Add Disputes Manually in Credit Money Machine Web?

Simply click on the add the dispute button and select the type of dispute that you want. Automatically the dispute reason and template will be set but you can choose and replace them with something else from the dropdown list. Then add the account number, amount, and creditor. Lastly, select either one or all 3 credit bureaus (Equifax, Experian, and Trans Union).

How to know if your Clients have sent you all the documents?

In Credit Money Machine, you can request or control which documents you want to receive from a client. A client can send the documents through a client portal, on your website, or manually import them into the system. If they are not received, they will be marked red. The documents are marked green when received.

How to tell your clients about missing documents automatically?

It’s a common problem when you want to ask clients about missing documents. Requesting or reminding clients about missing documents can be automated. Here’s how.

How to deal with TransUnion and the Letters Deemed Suspicious?

You can be proactive with TransUnion letters by using very interesting features in this program. Watch the video to see it in action.

How to View the Private Notes in the Dispute Center?

Private notes contain important data from a client’s credit report. Unlike other programs which require opening the contact information to see the private notes, this program lets you easily view it by just hovering the mouse on a contact name.

How to Trigger and Stop Marketing Campaign using Status 2?

Our program can also be use for marketing campaign. See how to trigger or stop a campaign in this video.

How to Add a Note to Affiliates in the Portal?

If you have affiliates, you can easily put notes for them through the client portal.

How to Calculate the Pay Per Deletion Charges?

Calculating the Pay per Deletion can be challenging. Here’s how to easily calculate it accurately in simple steps and create an invoice that you can send to a client using the Credit Money Machine Software.

Let your Credit Repair Clients do the Work for You?

This is a very interesting feature you can take advantage of using this powerful credit repair software. Save time in running your business by allowing your clients to do the work for you. See how to do it in this video.

Planning to start a credit repair business?

Read here to learn how to start a credit repair business.

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