If you’re running a credit repair business, one of the common things you do is to get a full credit report for your client. Although this is easy, obtaining credit report for all of your clients from different credit bureaus can consume so much time. That is why it is handy to have software that will help you get your clients’ full credit report in an instant.

Offering credit repair services means you’ll handle all the heavy lifting on behalf of your clients. This often starts with pulling credit report of your client to understand his/her credit standing. By reviewing if there are any negative derogatory. For instance, credit delinquency, bankruptcy, or tax liens.

Detecting inaccurate information in credit reports then allows you to set up a plan for disputing these errors. This includes: requesting to validate the information and writing dispute letters to creditors to correct the wrong information in the report.

Errors in credit reports are common. According to a Federal Trade Commission Study in 2013, 5% of consumers had errors in one or more of the three major credit bureaus. Namely: Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion. This wrong information often leads to negative effects on consumers’ credit standing. Resulting in a poor credit score.

Negotiating with creditors by writing dispute letters. And requesting the credit agency which you found errors on their reports are the most effective ways to correct the errors. This was tested and proven in the same FTC study. In which, participants have had to improve their credit score by more than 25 points after disputing credit and notifying the credit bureaus about the wrong information in their records.

It’s important to make efforts to correct errors in credit reports to improve your client’s credit score. Remember that creating new accounts for a client to add positive information to the credit report is not recommended. In fact, it is strictly prohibited under the credit repair laws, also known as the credit services organization act.

Errors in credit reports can be anything from simple typos to identity theft. That is why it is important to get credit reports from different credit bureaus to compare. The best software to get full credit report so far is the credit money machine software. Why?

The Credit Money Machine (CMM) Software allows you to obtain full credit report. For the past two years. From the three major credit bureaus in just one click. This allows you to easily compare the results from Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion. Because the results will be displayed side by side.

The CMM software also detects errors and marks them red. So, you can easily see them. Moreover, the system provides a list of all the creditors with their contact details. This is helpful when you need to contact any of them in filing disputes. This fast and easy way to pull credit report for your clients enables you to: (1) save lots of time. (2) Becomes more efficient. (3) And ensures that you have accurate information to file a dispute. This is important so you can spend more time on other business processes. Including, marketing campaigns and growing your business.

Here’s a short video on how easy to get full credit report using the Credit Money Machine Software.

This one-click method to review a client’s credit record is just a small part of what Credit Money Machine software can do for your business. This program is complete credit repair software with all the tools needed to run a credit repair company. You may check about this powerful credit repair software by visiting this link.

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