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Credit Repair Law All States

by | May 10, 2022

Credit repair law is made to protect the residences of all states in America from fraud and deceptive credit repair companies. Learn your rights to avoid falling from scams.

A good credit score is important for every resident of the United States of America. Businesses evaluate your credit history when you apply for credit, insurance, lease, or even employment. Hence, everyone is trying their best to maintain a good credit score. Bad credit or credit delinquencies can result in higher interest rates, few loan options, difficulty finding a house, and acquiring certain services. In some cases, it can also affect your job hunting.

However, there are inevitable things that can cause credit problems. Temporary income losses, business bankruptcy, illness, or a divorce are just a few examples that can lead to a bad credit score. This is why many people seek help to restore and improve their credit scores. Many credit repair companies offer credit repair and fix credit disputes. Which many people find helpful as it is less stressful on their part. But unfortunately, some bad individuals use this supposedly helpful service to scam other people and steal money.

That is why the United States of America has specific credit repair laws. To help prospective buyers or consumers of credit repair businesses make an informed decision regarding purchasing such services. And to protect Americans who wish to fix their credit from unfair, deceptive, and wrong business practices by some people who claim to be credit repair service providers.


The Prohibited Acts under the Credit Repair Law in the USA

  1. No person may make any statement, counsel, or advise a consumer to make an untrue or misleading statement concerning the consumer’s credit standing, creditworthiness, or credit capacity to any person, consumer reporting agency, or creditor.
  2. No person may make any statement, counsel, or advice a consumer to alter the consumer’s identification to hide the consumer’s accurate credit record, history, and rating from any consumer reporting agency or creditor.
  3. Make or use any untrue or misleading representation of the services of the credit repair business or company.
  4. Engage, whether directly or indirectly, in any act, practice, or course of business that results in fraud or deception on any consumer concerning the services offered by the credit repair company.
  5. No person or credit repair company may receive payment for services before the credit repair service is complete.


Required Disclosures under the Credit Repair Law in the USA

1. The credit repair company shall provide the consumer with the statements from the Consumer Credit File Rights under State and Federal Law before any contract or agreement is executed.

2. The credit repair service organization shall provide a separate statement regarding any other written material provided to the consumer.

3. The credit repair company is required to maintain a copy of the statement signed by the consumer for two years.


Contracts under the Law of Credit Repair in the USA

1. The credit repair service provider and its consumer shall have a written contract signed by the consumer.

2. The terms and conditions of the contract should include the following:

  • The total amount of all payments to be made by the consumer to the credit repair company or its representative.
  • A full and detailed description of the services to be performed by the company that would fix credit for the consumer. This includes the guaranteed performance, estimated date by which the credit services will be complete, the name and address of the credit repair company, a conspicuous statement in boldface type in immediate proximity to the space reserved for the consumer’s signature on the contract, which reads as follows:

“You may cancel this contract without penalty or obligation before midnight of the 3rd business day after you signed the contract. See the attached notice of cancellation form to explain this right.”.

The Statute of Limitations under the Credit Repair Law in the USA

1. The end of the five years beginning on the date of the occurrence of the violation involved.

2. In any case, any credit repair company has materially misrepresented any information that the credit repair organization must disclose to any consumer.

Learning the USA’s credit repair law is important for consumers and credit repair business owners. If you want to build a profitable credit repair business, here is a guideline to get you started.

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Also, it is helpful to read credit repair laws by state. However, the United States of America has a general credit repair law that applies to most states. In addition, some states have amended the credit repair services organization act to provide more protection to their consumers. You may refer to the specific states below for credit repair law by state.

Credit Repair Laws State By State
















New Jersey

New York

South Carolina


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